Whether your event includes a formal sit-down dinner, or you’ll be dining more casually, you’ll need cutlery to eat it with!


Our range includes:

  • Knives
  • Forks
  • Dessert spoons
  • Soup spoons
  • Entrée Knives
  • Entrée or dessert forks
  • Cocktail forks
  • Teaspoons
  • Serving spoons
  • Salad servers

It’s easy to enjoy a meal in style with our quality stainless steel cutlery that’s suitable for any occasion. No matter how casual or formal the event, place the utensils on the table in the order it will be used, starting from the outside and moving in. Dessert spoons or forks should be placed horizontally, above the plate, or brought in with the dessert course.

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